Friday, April 6, 2012

Outside of Chogoria

Hello from Kenya!

Today was another great day! We spent the day on the post-surgical ward with Brooke and Leah on the women's side and Carissa, Ashlie and Brittany on the men's side. From both experiences, it was observed that the poor living conditions contribute to a lot of preventable hospitalizations and we are learning a lot about the Kenyan culture through the nursing care provided. We have found many differences and some similarities between the nursing care they provide and the nursing care we provide. After another delicious lunch prepared by Douglas we packed into a Jurassic Park Van to visit some of Sharon's friends. Our first stop was Milimana School to deliver suitcases and backpacks to Erik, Festus and Dennis, three boys that are being sponsored to go to school through Sharon's church and friends. We got to spend time with the children at the school, take a tour of the school, play some football, and also sing and dance with them. The children are all so polite and could not get enough of touching our hair. We then piled into the van, all 15 of us, to take the boys to their home for break. The home that the boys live in was built through donations from the church in Chogoria and it was really neat to see. We also gave their mother a blanket to keep warm at night. It was extremely beneficial to witness how little they have and yet how happy they are.
The five of us at Milimana School with some of the students!

Molly and Sharon with Erik, Festus, and Dennis outside of the house that was built for the boys.
After we left the boy's home we went to visit another one of Sharon's friends. The mother has seven children and they also live in a house built through donations from the Chogoria church. This mother was also given a blanket to keep warm at night. We were able to learn so much about the different plants, fruits and vegetables they make use of every day. The neighbors also taught us how to make porridge from maze and that was really interesting. The kids were darling and had so much fun seeing the inside of a car for the first time. It was tough to leave them as they ran behind the van waving to us.

Tomorrow will be another day full of surprises and great experiences! Thanks for reading! Love from Chogoria!

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