Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chogoria and Beyond!

Hello again!

Today was a day full of adventure and very exciting land rover rides. We began by visiting an overlook of Chogoria and it was breathtaking. While we were there we met Francis, the man who founded Chogoria Hospital in 1940. He was now 98 years old and doing very well. After taking a few pictures we headed out on a very bumpy car ride to go to David's mother's farm. At the farm we were able to learn about how tea is grown and harvested, as well as many other foods, fruits and vegetables such as macadamia nuts, mangos, avocados, coffee, pigweed, and passion fruit. The farm was right next to the Mount Kenyan Forest and elephants walk out of the forest, through the tea fields and up to the house to eat the bananas, and the only way to get them away is to burn rubber because they don't like that smell. We also got to see one week old puppies and how sugar cane is cut down. Then we went on another adventurous ride to visit the quarry. The quarry is where they cut rock from cliffs to make bricks. That was quite the experience and it was interesting to see that type of work. After we got back to the guest house we met Sophie, a nurse, so she could take us to a salon to get our hair braided. That was really fun and we had such a great time with all of the hair braiders and it is a new look for us, much easier to take of! Then when we got back we met Millicent, a public health nurse in Kenya and she answered a lot of questions and was such a wonderful woman! Overall it was a very exciting day and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for reading, more pictures to come tomorrow! Love from all!

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