Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Journey to Chogoria

Hello everyone!!

Today we woke up around 5 am to a Muslim call to prayer at the Mosque next to the guest house we stayed in and that was really neat! Then we ate breakfast and were on our way to Nairobi to exchange our money, buy bottled water and do a little souvenir shopping at a shopping center called Nakumatt. While we were shopping Molly was getting us indexed as nursing students at the Nursing Council of Kenya. Then we started our three hour drive to Chogoria. Along the way we picked up Annis's friend Flora, a nurse anesthetist at the Chorgoia hospital and her friend Ester, who is a profession hair braider. Annis and Mbae were our bus driver and guides who picked us up from the airport. They are really great!

Annis, Molly, Brooke, Ashlie, Carissa, Brittany, Leah, and Mbae outside of the Nursing Council of Kenya!
All of our luggage and crates with medical supplies! Thankfully we had great help along the way!

 The first stop on our journey was at a roadside market to buy pineapple. When we first pulled up everyone ran up to the van to try and sell us their pineapple but we ended up buying the pineapple from this sweet lady named Mother Silus. Then we all got out of the bus to meet the people and they were all so great! They all tried to take our picture on their cell phone and were so excited to see us! We even met some new friends - Elizabeth, Lydia and Dennis and they loved having their picture taken!

Molly and Mother Silus, the woman who sold us the delicious pineapple at the roadside market!

Elizabeth, Lydia and Dennis at the roadside market where we bought the pineapple!
 As we continued on our journey we were able to just soak in the beautiful Kenyan countryside which is green, luscious and full of vibrant flowers! We also saw lots of children walking home from school and they loved waving at us if we waved at them! Then we made a stop at a Daku, a little hut/shop, so Flora and Ester could buy some rice and we got some pictures with locals, who also loved having their pictures taken.
Gin, Pauline, Dickson, Fiona, Brittany and Ashlie at the Duka where we bought our rice!
 We made one more stop along the way to buy watermelon from another roadside market and then we were off to Chogoria. When we arrived at the guest house at the PCEA Chogoria Hospital we waited a little while to get into our house but got to spend time looking around and visiting with Brenda, who is a missionary who has been living in Chogoria for three years now! We then had a delicious dinner of beef stew, carrots and peas, passion fruit and mini bananas!
The five of us with our bus at the Chogoria Hospital Guest House!
Tomorrow we start at the hospital with the student nurses and we are all very excited! We can't wait to see what is in store and we will update tomorrow after the busy day! Thanks for reading!

Love from Kenya!

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  1. I love the pictures! Thanks so much for keeping us updated on what you have been up to so far. I hope you enjoyed the Brides magazines on the plane ride over! :) --Meghan Galloway