Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone!

This morning we got up and went to church here in Chogoria and it was a wonderful experience! It was a four hour long service with lots of singing, prayers and a great sermon by Pastor Brenda. We were able to see confirmation of new members, baptisms and participate in communion. After the sermon they had a fundraiser for the new church that they are building and they raised over 246,000 schillings ($3,000) through donations and an auction (harambe). We were able to participate in the auction and between us we bought some porridge, bananas, sweet potatoes and people also bought things for us to try. Sharon bought a goat for the boys at Millimani School, which was really neat. It was quite the experience to see a goat and chickens get auctioned off during church. There were lots of children in church that enjoyed having their picture taken and taking pictures of us. After church we were invited to have lunch with all of the elders and that was really nice! Tonight, Pastor Brenda invited all of us for an Easter dinner with a mix of American and Kenyan food and it was absolutely delicious. We are very thankful that she opened her home to us. Now we all journaling and relaxing before another busy week at the hospital and medical camp. Pictures are challenging to upload so they will be posted every now and then! Thanks for reading!

Love from Chogoria

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