Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Exciting Day!

Hello everyone!

Today was a very exciting day for all of us! Ashlie, Brittany and Carissa went to the pediatric unit for the day and had a great time meeting all the wonderful kids and families. They spent time providing nursing care to the patients and also coloring pictures and taking pictures. Brooke and Leah got to spend time in the Maternity ward and also in the surgery theater. There was only one mom in labor the whole day so they got to see fracture repair (ORIF) and a hernia repair, both of which were very interesting! Then after lunch they were able to see a very intense delivery, and observed the resuscitation of the infant, which is very different in Kenya. We also got to spend time visiting the schools that are near the hospital and the children loved having visitors. They showed us the exams they were taking and the books they used, which was so neat! Then they sang three songs for us and we enjoyed every minute of it! The nursing students on the maternity ward invited us to play badminton with them tonight on the field so before dinner we headed over to the field and spent time playing badminton which was really awesome because we got to learn more about their experiences as students. We had a delicious dinner prepared by Douglas and spent the night relaxing and journaling! More pictures will be uploaded tomorrow as it starts raining every night as soon as the sun goes down and the internet gets a little sketchy! Thanks for reading, we miss you all!

Love from Kenya!

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